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K • P • A

Key Performance Area, where…

  • Key implies crucial/main/essential/core
  • Performance implies required/needed achievement and attainment
  • Area implies space/range/field of operation

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA indicate and describe the characteristics of the main achievement space…

  • KPA is the overall scope of activities that an individual in a particular job role has to perform.
  • KPA is not always result focused.
  • KPA’s can be inclusive of KRA’s

In companies and organizations, each role or job has a job description which consist of all the responsibilities the individual on job has to perform. All the requirements listed in a job description falls in two categories…

  1. Category A: List of functions and activities crucial or critical for the job role. These activities form the KRA's of the job.
  2. Category B: List of functions and activities associated with the job role but not truly critical for the role. These functions are important for overall performance of the team, department or organization as a whole and form the KPA's of the job.

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