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K • R • A

Key Result Area, where…

  • Key implies crucial / main / essential / imperative
  • Result implies outcome / result / consequence / deliverable
  • Area implies space / range / place / process / function

Thus… Key Result Area, describe the crucial outcome of a specific process or combination of different processes.

It must be clearly understood that a KRA isn't the actual result of…, KRA is the area identified as crucially important, where a result will contribute towards obtaining set objectives and/or achieve a specific goal. Thus, Key Result Area defines what results a job (i.e. collection function or process) is expected to accomplish.

KRA’s often fall within the scope of and source from Key Performance Areas (KPA's).

Key Result Areas are the areas of performanceI.e. the expected outcome, result, effect, consequence and/or deliverable. In short, KRA's outline the various objectives/goals that an individual or group of individuals has to achieve and define the results/outcomes that is expected from him/her/them.

Purpose: Key result areas (KRA's) broadly define the “job profile” for the individual holding the position and enable him/her to gain better clarity of their job role, duties, responsibilities and assist him/her to align his/her job role with the vision & mission of the organization, company or employer.

Value: KRA's helps individuals to…

  • clarify their duties and responsibilities
  • align their roles to the organization's business or strategic plan
  • focus on achieving results, rather than conducting activities and going through the required motions
  • understand and communicate their job role’s purposes to others
  • set realistic goals and obtainable objectives in a SMARTER-manner
  • prioritize activities and tasks,
  • improve time/work management
  • contribute to value-added decisions

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