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The most important question to ask on the job is not "What am I getting?" The most important question to ask is "What am I becoming?" ~ Jim Rohn

P ◦ V ◦ C

Perspective… our outlook on and personal truth in life

Although the abbreviation PVC by implication implies the durable and robust characteristics of Polyvinyl Chloride, within the AltanaESP Network and System context, PVC is an abbreviation used to indicate the modus operandi off…

  • PerspectiveThe concept of perspective is used to indicate the a way in which we - as unique individuals - regard events, situations, circumstances, facts, realities, views, ideas, …etc. and judge their relative importance for us. Essential to a healthy perspective is the ability to… compare and think critically. Obtaining perspective, implies that we establish or maintain the appropriate, form an accurate point of view and the ability to see things for what they really are (i.e. truth). In this sense, perspective and umwelt can be regarded as synonyms, which both feed our GPS in synchronicity. regarding ones present situatedness, as it relates to past experiences, the present contextual dynamics and future expectations.
  • Vision is a hope for and/or faith in ones future and an acute awareness of and the understanding of possible or alternative futures.
  • Choice based on prioritizing possible/alternative futures and responsibly select the most relevant/applicable next steps.

For a successful PVC-outcome or result - which can eventually be successfully internalized - that is effective, efficient and productive the following should always be at the very center of any PVC-effort…

It is only short-lived and of no long-term significance to merely change an undesirable habit, unless accompanied by an attitude change and… an attitude change is only possible once the sourcing believe(s) are changed, tweaked or adapted accordingly. Thus, in essence, any PVC-practice is dealing with disproportionate perspectives.

Being aware of and realize that perspective is the way in which we interpret events, collect data and process information. In others word - regardless so called objectivity - perceptions determine the way in which we function. This critical important aspect of perspective is best illustrated by a TED-talk delivered by Rory Sutherland.

When we aren't aware of, careful and cautious enough when dealing with - either our own or another person's PVC - it's more than likely that instead of being a nourishing exercise, the outcome or result of the exercise is toxic and derailing. Guidelines on how to limit toxic PVC-results are provided by Patric Lynch in the following recorded TED-talk…

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