The world is full of Kings and Queens, who blind our eyes and steal our dreams. ~ Anonymous

Oryx Life Journey

The Oryx-way for a Life Journey of Development & Growth

Meet the Oryx of the Namib desert. The Oryx is a magnificent animal that is strategically roaming the landscape in order to strategically position itself (&the herd) to efficiently deal with the harsh conditions of the Namib desert. The Oryx inclination of… 'when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!'… is the very foundation of a journey in life (both personal and professional) characterized by self-development and growth.

Attitude & Life Scripts

The habitual inclination sourcing from a dominated Oryx attitude, mainly is transcendental (or spiritual) in nature and steered by following higher-self mind-sets and life scripts…

  1. Human Bond Mind-set (which focus mainly on compassion, tolerance, community and interactions).
  2. Systemic Mind-set (which focus mainly on flexibility and natural flows).
  3. Holistic Mind-set (which focus mainly on life, harmony and respect for all of creation).
  4. Unity Awareness Mind-set (which focus mainly on actualizing and potential of self and others).

Philosophy of Life

A healthy balance and equilibrium between the above indicated mindsets, often result in a philosophy of life which is characterized by… “Dream as you will live forever, dance as if nobody sees you and live life as if you will die today” and the following dominated GPS belief system…

  • My self-esteem isn't based upon pleasing others, nor agreeing with them unconditionally, because I am a unique individual with a distinct meaning and purpose.
  • I am complete, filled with love and worthwhile (i.e. a healthy self-worth) at this very moment, regardless of what others might say or think.
  • Healing my life, starts in my own mind and how I perceive the world around me.
  • When I desire change, I must first look for the possibilities of change within myself.
  • The past is the past. The future is the future. The present is the present… and all I have to do is to learn lessons from past experiences and influence the future by the choices I make today.
  • Open my heart to love and act with compassion, makes my life full and happy.
  • Through sharing who I am with others, I come to know who am I and I lack nothing to begin doing this right NOW!
  • Attempting to fix others and the world around me will not fix me.
  • Love, forgiveness and compassion for others will show me the way to serenity and contentment.
  • I am limitless and able to manifest “miracles” by cooperation, co-creation and sharing my experiences and wisdom with others.

Foundation Mentality

From this nourishing foundation - and with the Light as silent partner - develops a survivor mentality (i.e. conditional conformity and a healthy self-determination), that is maintained and which - in turn - sustain…

  • Ambitions.
  • The eagerness to learn, explore new horizons and experience new things.
  • The seeking of new and exciting challenges.
  • High levels of concentration.
  • Remaining focused on solutions, possibilities and alternatives, rather than the many obstacles and problems.
  • Improvising, innovative, imaginative and creative thoughts & actions.
  • Respect and tolerance towards all forms of creation, both natural and man made.
  • Acceptance and tolerance for diversity and differences amongst people.
  • Honest, open, sincere and clear communications or interactions.
  • Assertiveness and the ability to deal constructively with criticism.
  • A consciousness of needs and wants (for self and those around you).
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and competency.
  • A clear mindset that doesn't panic easily.
  • Productivenext steps”, behavior and actions.

View of Life

A philosophy of life and a dominant Oryx mind-set, often result in the following characteristic traits (i.e. habits) when dealings with life's many adversities…

  • Good morale and a sound normative platform for making choices.
  • Frequent democratic (i.e. consensus) discussions to solve problems and/or address a crisis.
  • Willing to take the lead when actions are required to avert a potential looming crisis.
  • Recognition and acceptance of responsibilities to cooperate and co-create (i.e. accept accountability for situations).
  • Acknowledge the contribution of other people.
  • Valuing personal and family commitments.
  • Flexible and accommodating.
  • Fairness in actions and behaviours.
  • Deliver constructive criticism.
  • Precise when communicating ideas.
  • Role-modeling enthusiasm, encouragement and initiative.

Contingency Game Plan

Often the above approach to life's adversities tends to result in a survival strategy of….

  • Demonstrating efficiency, rather than just talking about it.
  • An ability to efficiently balance the different aspects of life.
  • Accommodate ideas, open to suggestions, flexible, prefer challenges and not threatened by change.
  • The ability to unconditionally relate to other people and accept the diversities of man.
  • Accept responsibility for choices made and actions taken, and the ability to balance consequences with an accountability towards other people.
  • A firm believe in the potential of human beings.
  • Creating a nourishing climate, which encourage self-development and growth.
  • Regard both successes and failures as equally important to learn lessons in life.
  • Emphasis on intention, ethics and principles.


The up-lifting influence and impact of a prominent Oryx attitude, mindset, view of life and survival strategies can briefly be indicated as follows…


  • Physically healthy and fit.
  • Balanced and healthy lifestyle (physically, mentally and spiritually).


  • Relaxed.
  • Tolerant.
  • Sure of oneself.
  • Comfortable.
  • Accepting the reality of diversity (i.e. not experiencing it as a threat).
  • Inner tranquility.
  • Confidence
  • Adequate self-worth.
  • A real sense of self.
  • Progressive thinking.
  • Openness to change.


  • Strong marital, personal and/or workplace relationships (i.e. harmonious environmental fit).
  • Adequate contact with other people and social outings.
  • Assertive behaviours and actions.
  • Balanced number of friends.
  • Comfortable interactions, based on understanding and context.
  • Considerate towards other people.
  • Strong and balanced relationship with others.
  • Personal, marriage and family life is given the needed priorities.
  • Inspiration to others.
  • Resistance to unconditional conformity.


  • High levels of productivity and efficiency, considerable earning power.
  • Enough time and opportunities to meet deadlines.
  • Assured actions.
  • An ability to deliver or meet deadlines, without the normal panic stricken actions.
  • An ability to get a good night's rest.
  • Time to re-think, evaluate or reflect on circumstances.
  • Ability to relax or just doing nothing.

Dealing with Adversities

  • Have genuine sense of gratitude
  • Give other people credit for their successes (i.e. cooperate and share)
  • Consistently expand present horizons e.g. by reading and/or researching topics
  • Talk and generate ideas
  • Share information and data (i.e. act interdependently)
  • Exude joy for life
  • Embrace change
  • Keep a To-do or project list
  • Complement achievements of others
  • Forgive others
  • Accept responsibility for choices made
  • Keep a journal to benchmark growth
  • Want to and also help others to succeed
  • Keep a “to be”-list active and updated (i.e. legacy statement)
  • Set goals and develop life plans (i.e. sustain a LDP)
  • Continuously learn and grow (i.e. maintain a CPD)
  • Operate from a transformational standpoint

A well integrated and balanced Oryx Attitude is vitally important for the successful establishment of efficient Self-Organizing Networks and the accompanied ripple effect.