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Egg Syndrome

In the face of a challenge or intended change, we set a series of events in motions by taking actions in order to obtain specific and desired results.Changing or tweaking - for example - attitude, beliefs, perspectives, actions, skills, abilities, …etc. However, we tend to become discourage when thingsThe expected and envisioned changes. doesn't happen fast or quickly enough to our liking. We have the tendency to critically observe, judge and compare a situation and then often conclude that nothing actually is taking place, mainly because we don't “see” that anything is changing.

Unfortunately - because of our undue haste - what we fail to notice or even acknowledge, is that inner changesThe inner landscape and umwelt. are in fact taken place… gradually and on its own time. But, because… there is nothing happening on the outside and everything seems to remain stationary, we loose all hope, becomes discourage and start to force things into unwise directionsUnwise direction implies an ignorance or the disregarding of needed individualization and customizations as required by the context of the situation, circumstances or series of events. … all for the sake of obtaining immediate results.Prompted by our illusionary belief that time is money and that's what life is all about… money! Thus, spending time to prepare properly, translated into loosing money. Our impatienceBeing restless and short of temper under delay or opposition. and eagerness to obtain results… NOW, is a conditioned state of mind - that more often than not - efficiently “kills off” the intended result or outcome, long before it could develop, grow or evolve into full maturity.

The reason why this kind of impatient-result-driven-eagerness and forceful-pressure is referred to as the 'egg syndrome', is because…

Just as an fertilized egg, the form, shape (i.e. the eggshell) and behaviour of “the egg” remains static. However, the “seed” is planted “inside” and gradually develop, evolve and mature into a living breathing chicken. Inside the egg, the “seed” is “preparing” to hatch. Should we interfere - due to our impatience and eagerness to speed things up - by “forcing the hatching process” or “heating things up”; we will “kill” the “chicken” long before it could reach maturity and hatch. Thus, be keenly aware that changeAny change, whether emotion, mindset, perception, skill, behaviour, …etc. need to be digested and matured on the “inside” first, before the “newbehaviour, intent or attitude can effectively “hatch” (i.e. bubble to the surface to be noticed or experienced).

Patience is a virtue. Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is all about timing… it waits for the right time to hatch!

Similar to the big squeeze… its takes inner effort, patience, time and preparation for things to “suddenly” appear and become visible to the outside world. Bear in mind that no tree can carry healthy fruits, when its root system is not properly established to provide it with the necessary nourishment - especially during tough times - and no plant will ever grow any faster by pulling on it's leaves.

Just as the chicken needs time to mature, before it can hatch and a tree needs to strengthen its roots to bear fruits… so too, we require time to optimally self-actualize!

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