Accompanying any human gift, talent or strength, there is always an associated weakness, the other side of the coin …so to speak. Without the “bad”, there would be no “good”. Without “difficult”, there would be no “easy”. Without “darkness”, there would be no “light”.

Too much sunshine, creates a desert and without the occasional thunderstorm… the majority of vegetation will not survive. Everything on this planets (including us as the human species) lives, survive and prosper in energy cycles. Plants and - to a lesser extend - animals, are “governed” by the seasonal cycles of spring, summer, autumn and winter. As humans we are “govern” by our biorhythms and inner energy cycles that follow a similar “seasonal” pattern, when compared with the whole of creation's seasonal cycles.

Thus, balance implies opposites working together in harmony and synchronicity to “produce” energy cycles that can establish and maintain an equilibrium in our lives. Placing us squarely in the “driver seat” of our lives once again.

WOW! What a mouthful… but in everyday human terms, it merely implies that we have the unfortunate tendency to emphasize and value only our strengths and curse, ignore suppress or even deny our weaknesses. However, to actually grow as a person and obtain what we really desire from life, we must not only capitalize on our strengths, but also face, confront and manage our weaknesses in order to manage our “personality” effectively and productively.

Something to Ponder.

REMEMBER… one man's freedom fighter, is another man's terrorist. Primarily depending on the context of the situation and perspective maintained by those involved.

Life's secret... delicate balance!Thus, it isn't our strengths nor weaknesses in itself that either determine success or failures in our life's… but how well we are able to ESTABLISH, MANAGE and SUSTAIN a healthy BALANCE between the extremes of our strengths and weaknesses, that is appropriate for the context in which we find ourselves at that particular moment.

When our strengths and weaknesses are managed well and serve us in a balanced manner, our self-determination increase, we acquire more confidence and we are able to respond to stimuli from the external world which is an important characteristic of an Oryx-attitude.

However, the opposite is equally as valid. When our strengths and weaknesses aren't in balance. We become anxious, frustrated, experience helplessness and our confidence is “drained away” by many fears. We then merely react to stimuli from the external world in an “ignorant” manner and live our life's as a helpless and frustrated wild horse.

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