The main purpose of any SWOT-analysis conducted by any person isn't merely to discoverI.e. who we are (with warts and all) and what we can and cannot accomplish. oneself, it is the source and launching platform for gradual and eventual optimal self-creation. Thus… self-discovery, self-actualization, subsequent self-empowerment, psyche management and self-determination strategies are all about creating ourselves as directed and purposefully steered by our vision and legacy statements, that originate from our dreams. To successfully achieve this frequently is awfully difficult - actually, pretty much impossible - when our optimal self-creation efforts ain't driven by a responsible and accountable mission statement, as is endorsed by our value statement.

This will gradually give rise to productive umwelt creation, sourcing from an accountable personal LDP and professional CPD that - more often than not - eventually evolve into an Oryx path in life.

we don't discover - nor change - ourselves… we create ourselves by means of a gradual evolutionary learning process to establish and sustain specialist knowledge.

For a supplementary interpretation, please watch the following clip.

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