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Modern Day Literacy

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The “Basic Literacy Indicator” describe the minimum literacy skill's level of individuals that completed the assessment battery which contain the following test/assessment modules…

  • English Proficiency
  • Short-term Memory
  • Numerical Ability
  • Long-term Memory
  • Verbal Reasoning

Sourcing from the 3R'sReading, wRiting & aRithmetic. , basic literacy is the minimum standards or requirement any person at least should obtain to survive, function, learn, work and operate in our modern day and technological driven society. The different skills assessed can briefly be indicated as follows…

  • A basic familiarity with and understanding of the English language (English Proficiency).
  • A skill to collect, retain and recall learning material, immediately (Short-term Memory) and after some time has elapsed (Long-term Memory).
  • Understanding basic calculation operators (+; -; ×; ÷) and the ability to maintain a logic line of thought (Numerical Ability).
  • Skills to make deductions, identify a pattern of reasoning, grouping ideas, identify sets of data, identify similarities and recognize differences (Verbal Reasoning).

The basic literacy indicator's reportApplying the principles of the normal distribution curve. use the following levels to reflect an individual's basic literacy level…

  • Level B: Excellent
  • Level C: Above Average
  • Level D: Average =====⇒ Minimum required literacy standard for modern society.
  • Level E: Below Average
  • Level F: Poor

Extent with basic computer/technology skills.

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