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Common Strata

People do have different backgrounds, experiences and circumstances, which makes it impossible for any two individuals to “see” things exactly in the same light. People do interpret things differently, which often could results in plenty of misunderstanding, points of view and conflicts regarding the same concept, idea or point of view. For example: One man's terrorist can be regarded by another as a freedom fighter… Nelson Mandela?

In order to minimize unnecessary, uncalled for and destructive differences and toxic conflicts, we should persistently attempt to establish a common strata for all those involved in the discussion. A common strata doesn't imply exactly the same, it rather encourage and try to establish contextual understanding, a similar perspective, view and a synchronized thinking that could serve as a constructive platform to launch purposeful discussion and/or the meaningful sharing or exchanging of ideas, views and experiences.

The 'common strata'-concept can further be illustrated as follows…

To establish a productive and workable Common Strata requires… time, patience, determination and lot's of effort!

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