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Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Environmental Noise Filter

Our environmental noise filter is the “external stimuli filtering layer” just before data “enters” our conscious level of awareness, which can also be termed as the awareness level of pre-consciousness. Our environmental noise filter - sourcing from our unconscious mind which is a combination of our existing Life Scripts and Sabotage Programs - is essential in the protection and ensuring of our survival and wellbeing.

The purpose of our Environmental Noise Filter is to constantly monitor and scan our environment - even when we are asleep - and filter environmental “noise” (i.e. all stimuli collected by our senses) to identify possible threats to our wellbeing. Thus, our Environmental Noise Filter - in symbiosis with our GPS - process and prioritize information and “decide” - using the fight or flight mechanism, integrated with our Umwelt - as cues to “select” the most efficient way to deal with the “noise”…

  1. When environmental “noise” signifies “danger” (whether real or perceived) and demands immediate action as referenced from a LifeScript (or our Believe System, or a Sabotage Program), the appropriate Action Model is evoked and initiated to swiftly “deal with the threat”.
  2. If the “noise” isn't life threatening, but require our immediate attention, the information is then “passed” on or channeled to our conscious mind for further action, handling and processing.
  3. When the “noise” isn't threatening nor important enough to warrant our immediate attention, it is “noted” and “kept” on “radar” to continue monitoring the situation for possible contextual changes.

Although a much more complex and dynamic system, our environmental noise filter functions very similarly to air traffic controlling and radar systems at airports. This metaphor gives us some idea of how our environmental noise filter operates to maintain a harmonious environmental fit, identify and deal with possible dangers. Apart from substituting airplanes with “environmental noise”, the other major difference - between our Environmental Noise Filter and an airport's radar system - is that our Environmental Noise Filter's identification, comparison, evaluation and decision reaction time is unbelievably fast and huge amounts of data can easily be process, digested and reacted to in a nanosecond.

Our Environmental Noise Filter Serve as the first digestion layer of external information entering our mindset.

Our Environmental Noise Filter is our greatest asset… providing that our psyche (i.e. inner world) is in a healthy balance and equilibrium. However, when this is not the case, our environmental noise filter becomes our greatest adversary (i.e. we become our own worst enemy) that - when triggered and evoking the domino effect - frequently surface in our attitudes, actions and behaviours as “traps of Life”, sustained by “threatening syndromes”.

Environmental data and information is collected by our senses, channeled to our environmental noise filter, which - based on our combined beliefs, experiences and knowledge - “decide” on initiating an appropriate line of action. Once, the decision is taken and acted upon, the filtered information - often the source of our change blindness - is then passed on to our mindset for further attention, conscious processing, digestion and decision making.

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