Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much. ~ Anonymous

Legacy Statement

Our legacy statement is a culminated synchronicity (i.e. symbiosis) of our vision, our value and our mission statements. Our legacy statement can be regarded as a “life view filter” to establish how we would like other people to think about, see and/or remember us (i.e. the core of our self-expression and -identity). Our legacy statement is those things that we regard as very important in life, would like to live by and hand down to those who are “coming next”. Thus, - in essence - what would we like our reputation to be like.

Our legacy statement can be substituted for the reputation that we wish to build in life.

Unfortunately the popular or most common acceptable meaning attached - currently - to legacy is superficial and merely implies money, property or a combination thereof, left to someone by a will (or testament). This is an immensely sad situation, because we all can contribute so much to future “generations” in the form of experiences, understandings and accumulated wisdom. The importance of our legacy statement may seem insignificant - especially when it is confined to materialistic means, such as money and property - because…

How many people can actually “afford” to or is capable of leaving behind a small fortune?

A “well-thought-through” legacy statement isn't only important for us personally, but very important for “generations to come”. When one studies both the Egyptian and Tibetian books of the Dead (ancient writing of ±3000 years BC) we will notice that the most important aspect mentioned about human life and our time spend on this planet, isn't how we lived that actually matters… whether we can die an honourable death… a sentiment that still faintly echo in our modern day civilizations. The well known Chinese saying.. “Give a man a fish, and he will eat one day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life”, refers to a more modernized version of teaching others HOW to live, by setting an example for others through the way in which we live… simply stated, to die an honourable death.

Our legacy statement is the “filter” which we use for our everyday life's and ensure that we “die an honourable death”, setting an example in the manner that we live, so that others can follow in our “footsteps”. The ultimate outcome of all our SDS efforts.