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Personal Responsibility

We can only take responsibility for ourselves, the words we speak, how we act and what we think.

We are NOT… and I repeat… NOT responsible for the words, actions and thinking of others (yes, that also include our children as well), we are merely accountable for other people. However…

In life - as human beings - we all strive for simplicity, but yet we are determined to create, initiate, establish and maintain a kizillion laws, rules, regulations and/or political, economical, social and bureaucratic structures to govern, rule and direct every decision of mankind. From simple decisions such as buying a video machine or what to eat, up-to the more complex decisions such as choosing a career path, selecting a partner for life, how to educate our children and even how, who, when and where to worship.

All the rules, regulations and structures are energetically and subtly created devices that we establish to hide behind. To avoid and effectively camouflage our personal responsibilities and which also enables us to shift our personal responsibility, for choices made, to someone or something elseI.e. shifting the responsibility “for-taking-the-decision” to others and blame them for failures, claim that the circumstances wasn't favourable and/or that - despite every effort made - the odds was stacked against them. . In the end, we could safely declare our “innocence”, because we were “manipulated” in our decision making by some “variables” beyond our control that “forced” us to take certain decisions and act on it.

It is our Divine given right to exercise our freedom of choice. However, each an everyday millions of people work hard, with determination and with great effort to restrict our choices, and we… we often actively support and are immensely grateful to them and appreciate what they are doing, because they are doing it for “the common and greater good of man”.

All this effort just because we want and demand freedom of choice (as history has proven - time and time again - with wars, revolutions and various forms of resistance), but we do not want to accept the personal responsibility that goes along with exercising our freedom of choice.

All that we actually need are basic rules of life, to form the foundation of our philosophy of life (i.e. our GPS). So very simple - but yet so utterly complicated - because, we want to simultaneously avoid the responsibilities and negative/harmful consequences that is always accompanying our freedom of choice. We want to decide for ourselves; but when things go wrong… we want to be able to blame someone or something else. Thus, we want to remain independent, without acknowledging that all things on this beautiful planet of ours are somehow interconnected and we are constantly disturbing that integrated relations by insisting on our “selfish-ego-driven choices”, under the justification that what we do, are in the best interest of others. In doing so we complicate life, that otherwise could have been quite simple, straight forward and harmonious.

When followed basic “laws” as part of our ethos (i.e. lived philosophy of life), it would make life a lot simpler. These basic “laws” have stood the test of time and was proven (over and over again) as basic universal principles for establishing and sustaining of a harmonious interdependent interaction with our environment (and community). Further more, these basic laws are echoed throughout human history and appear in many different religious all around the globe, from Wicca… to Christianity… to Islam…

These basic and universal “laws” can be “translated or reworded” into modern day terms and we will see that it is as valid today, as it was when it was first recorded. These “laws” stand today as the greatest testimony of the individual freedom of people that was ever recorded in human history, and probably will be recorded in the future. And, this include the well meaning compiled “human” interpretations, such as a variety of legal documents and the bill of human rights as presently accepted by many people. Each of the “laws” are addressing the individual as a self-controlling and self-disciplined individual, that is solely responsible for his/her own thoughts, words and actions, manifesting in his/her accountability towards the community, society and the environment at large. Thus, it explicitly describe and indicate the manner in which we should express and deploy our self-determination.

Each “law” recognize freedom of choice as inherent in the nature of man, BUT ALSO - and this is the part that we prefer to ignore - focus on individual responsibility and the accountability to others. Thus, everybody (yes, children as well) has the Divine given right to the freedom of choice, BUT also the responsibility to respect and protect the freedom of choice of other people (i.e. the accountability part of responsibility).

The basic and universal principles (i.e. laws) that should direct all human interactions, can briefly be described as follows…

  1. HONOUR our Creator: It tells each and every one of us to reject a multitude of idols, to recognize our own worth as a human beings (created in the image of the Divine) and subject ourselves to no power… other than that of our Creator, the Almighty and final Judge.
  2. The TRUTH shall set us free: Informs us to construct no image of perceived rightness, but to direct our reverence towards the Divine truth. Thus, each person is free to decide, BUT s/he will be held responsible and accountable for his/her choices, words and actions. In essence, all choices we make and decision we take… have consequencesIn other words… what we sow, so shall we reap and the persisting Law of Karma. !
  3. We ought to SUBMIT ourselves to the authority of our Creator: This instruct us not to speak frivolously of our Creator and Judge. We must obtain knowledge of and respect for the ultimate truth - the faith, the hope, compassion, loyalty and love - this is of first and last importance (the alpha and omega) and should always be taken VERY… very… very seriously.
  4. Digest, Reflect and Assimilate: It request us to devote time (at least 1 day out of seven) to reflect on things of ETERNAL value. Things such as the Divine Will of our Creator, His mercy in whom we trust and the many blessing that we receive each and every day.
  5. Sanctuary of the family: This recognize the family as the primary and most important human interaction and focus on the parent's compassionate authority over the child; the authority to guide, to teach and show him/her (by means of setting an example) the way to fit into society, according to our Creator's will and what He expects of us as human beings created in His image.
  6. Respect all life: This stresses the sanctity of life - especially human life - and our right to live, which is a right that must be respected and not violated by another human being. This also holds true for other species, plants and insects on our planet as well. Never kill without due course or provocation.
  7. Keep your promises: This establish the basic platform for all human interactions; the inviolability of promises given by one individual to another, …it is the double sanctity of marriage, which is the basis of the family.
  8. Refrain from being corrupt and stealing: Recognize the right of the individual to own possessions; providing we have worked for and earned it in a honourable manner, and to also respect the possessions of others for which they have worked hard for in a hounourable manner.
  9. Watch our words: Inherently recognize free speech, our control over our utterances and our obligation towards the truth.
  10. Right of ownership: Again this recognize the right of family relations and ownership. And not even in thought should we violate this rights of others. Thus, the longer we entertain such thoughts, the stronger the temptation becomes, and the easier it is to take such decisions and ultimately ACT on them.

Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach us wisdom. But there is a spirit in man… the inspiration of the Creator giveth us understanding… when we actually care enough to listen.

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