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Don't be unhappy if your dreams never come true, just be thankful your nightmares don't. ~ Anonymous

Vision Statement

A vision statement can roughly be translated as “our image of the future”, the “picture of our destiny”. Regardless whether our future vision is personal, career or business like in nature. Our vision statement is our inspiration, the framework and outline for all our self-growth & development strategies and the choices we make everyday.

A vision without actions taken, leads nowhere. BUT actions taken without a vision, results in eventual chaos!

Our vision statement is the justification, reason behind and is supportive to the decisions we take for either immediate or extended gratifications.

Our vision statement can be applied to our entire life, limited to a particular area of our lives or focused on a spedific change we wish to bring about in either our personal and/or professional life. Whether for all or only part of our lives, our vision statement provide answers to questions such as…

  • Where do I want to end-up in life?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What do I want to become?

What we are doing when we create a vision statement, is to articulate our dreams, hopes and expectations for our lives (and/or career, and/or business, and/or family, company, …etc.). Our vision statement consistently reminds us of what we are trying to build, accomplish and achieve.

Our a vision statement doesn’t tell us how we’re going to reach our destiny - however - it does set the direction for all our future strategies and planning. That’s why it’s VERY important when we are crafting a vision statement… to set our imagination free, dare to dream and capture our passions.

When we have one, our vision statement will have a tremendous influence on our decision making and the way we apply available resources… our time, money and efforts (i.e. channeling our energies). Our vision statement defines our desired or intended future state in terms of our fundamental objectives and/or strategic direction in life. Thus, our vision statement is a long term goal and strive or expectation we have for the future.

Our Vision statement outlines what we want to become. It concentrates on our future and is the source of our inspirations. Our vision statement provides clear decision-making criteria and influence our values and priorities. Our vision statement serves as the primary source for compiling, structuring and sustaining our LDP-strategy.

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