The aspirationAspiration is “a cherished desire” (i.e. our ambition) and lies at the very foundation of our dreams that enhance, propel and influence our future expectations, aims, goals, hopes and vision in life. -performance cycle represents the confidence and manner in which we tend to approach and deal with the many challenges that we are consistently confronted with in life. This cycle - sourcing from our self-worth - impacts and influence our motivation, locus of control and conative actions.

There are plenty of reasonsMainly directed and steered by the way in which we see, regard and accept our own personal merit in life. and many justifications why we choose to either increase our efforts to achieve our ambitions and aspirations [+] or why we decide to apply the same effort and energy to lower our aspiration to the same level of our current achieved performances [-].

Frequently the lowering of our ambitions and aspirations are strongly influenced, limited or curbed by “answering to” or “act in accordance with” a mental platform that we have created and established ourselves, often originating from an unhealthy perspective and belief regarding specific events, certain situations and/or peculiar circumstances encountered.

Will you raise or lower your performance bar in your personal and professional life?
What is your idea of success?
How do you see excellence?
Why and When do you choke when trying to raise your level of performance?

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