A consciousness excerpt from our umwelt to handle or deal with a certain situation or event in contextNOW!

Consciousness can be described as the state or quality of awareness or of being aware of an external object or something within ourselves. Consciousness is everything that we experience and being aware of our unique and cumulative combination of our thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environmental understandings. The foundation that our consciousness source from is our umwelt.

Our consciousness are constantly moving, shifting and changing.

For example… in one moment we may be focused on reading this content. Our consciousness may then shift - while reading the article - to the memory of a conversation we had earlier with a friend. Next, we might notice how uncomfortable our chair is, or maybe we are mentally planning for dinner. This ever-shifting stream of thoughts can change dramatically from one moment to the next, but our experience of it normally are smooth and effortless… unless interfered with or disrupted by either either future shock or prevailing psychic wounds or a combination of both.

Consciousness as such is a dynamic, complex and symbiotic human phenomenon and it is virtually impossible to actually make heads or tail of another person's consciousness. The best we can offer is merely to facilitate, guide or assist another in understanding and managing his/her own consciousness.

There is a interchangeable relationship between our umwelt and consciousness, where our umwelt can be regarded as a consciousness store-house, from which we source to deal with reality as we are confronted with at that particular moment.

The core of this cross pollination is the KNOWINGNESSWhich lives in the unconscious mind and evolve our beliefs into values, that establish the norms & priorities of our beingness. , BEINGNESSOperates in the sub-conscious mind to establish and sustain our attitude based on our established norms. Our attitude determine our perspective, vision/expectation and choices (i.e. PVC), that guide, manage and direct how we interact with reality by means of our manifesting emotions and feelings. and EXPERIENCEAll this determine the quality of our experiences - which live in the conscious mind - in a habitual configured combination. Our habits (i.e. actions models) materialize as actions that also provide us with feedback as to how efficient/productive our actions taken were to deal with the reality confronting us. This feedback is cognitively digested and processed to either affirm, tweak, change or adapt our knowingness. cycle.

The consciousness-umwelt cross pollination cycle is driven by our conation which provide us with the courage, motivation and will power to deal with life in a purpose and meaningful synchronicity that fuels the core of our knowingness, beingness and experience, which never should be taken for grated.

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