Both the terms understand and understanding - most of the time - are used without us really being aware of what both terms actually imply…

  1. Understand to know the meaning of (something, such as the words that someone is saying or a language), to know how (something) works or happens and to know how someone thinks, feels or behaves. To truly understand something or someone, we always have to accommodate and consider the context of the situation, event or circumstance.
  2. Understanding a mental grasp, comprehension and the power of comprehending especially…
    • the capacity to apprehend general relations of particulars and/or
    • the power to make experience intelligible by applying concepts and categories.

To authenticallyI.e. applying mathematical & stat principles as we were already doing from a very young age. We just unlearned how to currently apply this inborn skill productively! understand to obtain an understanding - which shapes and lies at the very foundation of our perspectives, beliefs and values - is only possible when we dare to question what is going on or happening, especially outdated and prevailing dogmas.

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