The term or concept BIG Squeeze implies - especially within the AltanaESP Network of services context - our transformation in life from being a victim (characterized by a Wild Horse attitude) that is mainly controlled and dominated by our lower-self energies, to become a survivor (characterized by an Oryx attitude) that is steered and dominated by our higher-self energies. The BIG SQUEEZE illustrate in “simple” terms what is happening during a mindset or paradigm shift, especially drastic shifts such as transforming from being a victim to emerge victoriously as a survivor and which is an integral part of the human life cycle and energy spiral of evolution and self-actualization.

In effect (i.e. result or outcome) of the big squeeze boils down to one important and essential aspect… our umwelt (our mindset, which is directing and controlling all our choices in life) are steered by a genuine believe in truly taking personal responsibility for who we are, what we do, how we do it and why we do it (i.e. authentic individuality), within the demarcations of group accountability (i.e. authentic interdependency originating from a compassionate and healthy accommodating way of life).

Thus, the BIG Squeeze describe the process when we “move away” from being a helpless and powerless victim driven by fears, ignorance, stupidity and using defense mechanisms to create, establish and maintain an illusion of survival and prosperity… to a authentic position of power in life where we - as a survivor - takes control of our own destiny by way of our level of emotional maturity, a balanced self-determination and the strategic deployment of coping mechanisms to accomplish survival and prosperity for all, sourcing from our awareness of unity.

The term BIG Squeeze describe the immense difficulty of “pushing through fears, issues and environmental crap” and the dedicated perseverancePersistence, continued effort and determination in doing something, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. required to obtain the goal of “taking back” or regain control of our lives ones again. The difficulty and enormous psyche pressures accompany this “rebirth and transformation process” cannot be described in detail, because it is a very personal experience and quite unique for each individual that is going through the “big squeeze” process of life. However, the life cycle of the butterfly - a magical natural process that we often either take for granted or ignore as insignificant - give some idea of and depict the importance and necessity of the BIG Squeeze for any transformation process to be efficient.

First of all - to get a feel and understanding for the big squeeze - we should take into account the life cycle of a butterfly, illustrated as follows…

The main source and robust foundation of an authentic ripple effect.

Using the life cycle of a butterfly as a setting, the following two aspects needs to be highlighted…

  1. An authentic big squeeze is only possible when we spend enough time and effort as a pupa (i.e. digesting and reflecting) and going through chrysalis. CHRYSALIS in itself is an unbelievable process, because the caterpillar is completely dissolved into a liquid which finally “resettle” as a butterfly… pretty amazing to think that a caterpillar liquefies and then emerge as something totally different. This process illustrates quite well the paradigm or mind shift process, which allow us to “liquefy our caterpillar” (i.e. thoughts, views, perceptions, …etc.), reset it into a butterfly (i.e. a more appropriate believe system) and then we are “reborn” as the “butterfly” (i.e. a more matured and wiser individual) by deliberately “squeezing” ourselves through our cocoon of stupidity.
  2. Keeping in mind the story of an entomologist who felt sorry (i.e. noble intent) for the struggling insect and cut open the pupa, allowing the butterfly to free itself with much less effort (i.e. enabler); actually discover that by “fast tracking the process” the butterfly emerge in a new “form” but none the better than the caterpillar and only able to walk. The butterfly needed the “pressures” of the big squeeze to “force” the fluid into its wings that would allow it to “fly” of to new exciting destinations.

None of us is particularly keen on the idea of experiencing much psyche difficulty (i.e. pain) in order to regain or sustain our foothold in life. But without it, no true and lasting change (i.e. shift) is really possible. In the case of the big squeezeenabling (cutting open the pupa) will - in the long run - evoke the bonsai trap. Thus, to efficiently coach, guide and assist an individual in his/her quest to break free from the pupa of stupidity, requires compassionate facilitation and lots and lots and lots of patience.

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