Kundalini Energy is our basic life force that lifts the energy flow of our bio-computer and also raise our mind's level of awareness. Kundalini energy is an energy of spiritual evolution, growth and consciousnessThe state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings and a person's awareness or perception of something. - sadly though - Kundalini energies is often incorrectly regarded as merely a sexual drive or “species-survival” energy. The latter point of view is the result of the popular, widely promoted and collectively accepted Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which states that physiological needs is the the most dominant force that drives all human existence, actions and growth.

Our Kundalini is dominant energies that can be pictured as a dormant power cell at our root chakra energy vortex that - once awakened - rises up surely and steadily through our energy vortexes and transforms all in its path. Kundalini can - therefore - be termed as THE ENERGY OF POTENTIAL that drives self-actualization. Through mental/spiritual exercises such as a mantras, prayers and meditation this energy can be awaken to move up to higher and more transcendental or spiritual levels of awareness and understanding.

The Kundalini-risingRise like a phoenix from the ashes, to become successful again after seeming to have failed completely. process begins gradually and proceeds through many years. This higher consciousness (our awareness) can also be awakened, when we are deeply moved by music, inspired by a poem or experience true love for another person. This partial manifestation is still only the “smoke”. The “fire” of Kundalini energy is quite different and much more intense. When there is energy blockage, a crisis with our consciousness develops. However, when in equilibrium, Kundalini energy can spur us into unbelievable action… BUT it can also burn us to ashes, when we don't work on dualities, dissonances and issues that prevent the opening-up of our minds, sustain our psyche wounds, lower our levels of awareness, destroy our potential and/or stunt our personal growth.

We should treat our Kundalini energies similar to the way in which we treat fire. Being too far away from the fire, place us out there in the cold and we freeze. Being to close to the fire, can burn us to ashes. Once again… let balance prevail!

Eventually our Kundalini energy reach our crown chakra energy vortex; and when that happens, a cosmic consciousness and awareness is achieved which transforms into the surfacing of…

  • healing abilities, for ourselves and for other people.
  • higher levels of awareness, so that answers to deep spiritual mysteries become obvious and understandable.
  • interconnectedness with all forms of life become a “knowing”; instead of remaining a mere theoretical or academic theorem.
  • seeing” the infinite results of our every action and every thought.

The impact and influence of kundalini energy on our different energy vortexes (i.e. chakra energy system), can briefly be indicated as follows…

  1. Root chakra (earth - resting place of Kundalini) and the vibrations are characterize by survival & primal energies.
  2. Sacral chakra (water - flowing of Kundalini) and the vibrations are characterized by sexuality, feeling secure & safe energies.
  3. Solar Plexus chakra (metal - strength of the Kundalini) and the vibrations are characterized by will, motivation and personal power.
  4. Heart chakra (fire - intensity of the Kundalini) and the vibrations are characterized by giving and receiving love, compassion and being part of a group (i.e. the seat of our emotions and feelings).
  5. Throat chakra (wood - growth of the Kundalini) and the vibrations are characterized by communication, appreciation and being useful or valuable.
  6. Brow chakra (central meridian - yin of Kundalini) and the vibrations are characterized by insight, understanding and nourishing energies.
  7. Crown chakra (governing meridian - yang of Kundalini) and the vibrations are characterized by transcendence, service to others and expelling energies that “remove” from our energy system that which is no longer nourishing it.

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