Physiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. When these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will ultimately fail.

Air, water and food are essential metabolic requirements for the survival of all living organisms.Inclusive of all animals, mammals, insects, reptiles, plants, the human species and our planet earth - the biosphere - that makes all life possible, as well as sustaining it. Hair, shells, clothing and shelter provide the necessary protection from the elements. While maintaining an adequate birth rate, shapes the intensity of the sexual instinct. Physiological needs deal with the maintenance of the human body. This lowest category includes the most basic needs that are vital for personal and the survival of the species.

There is a general consensus and collective believe that these needs are the most instinctive needs, because all needs become secondary until these basic needs are met.

Really? …for example… what about the numerous cases of successful hunger strikes, torture, Auschwitz, rebellions…?

It seems that the unconditional acceptance of physiological needs as “instinctive needs”, is still wide-open for much discussions and debate!

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  • by Jan Viljoen