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Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~ Albert Einstein


The AltanaESP Network & System A-Z Glossary

Various applications, processes, procedures, materials and contents compiled and deployed for use within the AltanaESP Network & System; frequently reference specific terms, concepts, ideas and points of view, which quite often ain't either…

Common Strata…
Facilitating and synchronizing similar interpretations of perceptions, ideas, points of view & concepts to foster productive cooperation within a multi-disciplinary frame of reference.
  • familiar to most individuls or
  • used in a slightly different context from the everyday/collective meaning attached to the term/concept by most people.

This A-Z Glossary is a collection of the all the constructsWords, terms, concepts, ideas, definitions, descriptions, explanations, taxonomies, processes, procedures, cycles, …etc. commonly used to describe processes, activities, actions and that generally turn up in assessments, materials, content, reports and during feedback sessions. Therefore, the glossary serve as a reference and guide to enhance understanding and the contextual meaning of terms and concepts used, to - at the very least - create, establish and maintain a common strata that will productively allow for the fruitful sharing of ideas, points of views, knowledge and experiences amongst people, to the mutual benefit of all involved.

Words and phrases definitely holds different meanings for each individual. Thus, it is a sensible idea to “define” the various constructs used, in order to “put every one on the same page” when dealing with AltanaESP Network & System constructs. You, the reader - most likely - will have quite a different definition for, understanding of, or perspective about such constructs… which is fine and we respect that. But, within the framework and context of the Altana ElectronicDeploying modern technologies - specifically the computer and the world wide web - to individualize and customize services offered to clients as economical and cost efficient as possible, without jeopardizing the integrity, standard and quality of services rendered. SupportThe AltanaESP Network & System was developed and is currently maintained to primarily serve as a support structure for specialists, which will allow them to offer affordable services to as many individuals as possible. PlatformsWebsites, blogs, the cloud and virtual offices used to productively render Network services and host System applications and features, both on- and offline. , the various terms, concepts and implications are specific and contextual to a particular action, process, event, situation and/or circumstance, and the purpose of this A-Z Glossary is to encourage and promote a common strata, mutual understanding and to limit unnecessary misunderstandings, conflicts and derailments. Specially when dealing with and addressing self-actualizing obstacles within a multi-disciplinary context.

Therefore, each word, term or concept - included in this glossary - serve as a useful “resources tool” to promote understanding and context, when dealing with or exploring AltanaESP materials, content and when making use of multi-disciplinary services covered by the AltanaESP Pty Ltd Umbrella. AltanaESP Pty LTD logo

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