Ambition is the force behind… DO IT, NOW! And energize our performance!

Take a moment to carefully reflect on the instant that our WILL is expressed. Look at the moment of “getting up” and taking action. This instant is the essence of our ambition. When we think of something to do, we are subtly “forced” by our ambition to choose whether we WILL do it, put it off for a while… or not do it at all.

Ambition should not be regarded as a fix and static state of mind. Ambition is the expression of our WILL, depending on the context in which we find ourselves. We can either move forward, remain still or even take a step back. Our ambition implies that there is firstly a spark, then a decision and then ACTION!… or there is just …plain nooothing.

We increase the powers of our ambition by practicing our ability (and willingness) to take conscious, meaningful and purposeful action. When we see a thing to do - and the right time to do it - ambition propels us to take the necessary ACTION! Providing that we have enough faith in ourselves (i.e. self-confidence) to do so productively.

Ambition is synonymous with taking action; ambition without action is merely “wishful thinking”… and wishful thinking is the realm in which enablers and wild horses operate. On the other hand, ambition (expressed by taking action!) is the playground of the facilitator and the Oryx.

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  • Last modified: 13 September, 2018 @ 5:33pm
  • by Jan Viljoen