Don't forget that compassion is a verb and means nothing when not shared with others!

Within the AltanaESP Networking context, compassion is the biggest principal imaginable. A possible synonym for compassion is LOVE, that also implies a tenderness in cooperating and co-creating interactions with our Creator, the whole of creation, other people and species on this wonderful planets of ours. Compassion refers to the process of life the fundamental initiator of existence.

While many interactions have been labeled as compassion (or love) - in the AltanaESP Network - compassion is not an emotion nor a thought at all. Compassion is identified as the causative and ever-present source of cooperation, co-creation, support, assistance, sharing and guidance.

Compassion is an environment or the climate in which all interactions take or should take place. It is the root stuff that all AltanaESP Network activities are composed of. In AltanaESP, compassion is not something that we have, or direct, or give or withhold; compassion is the unavoidable conclusion to activities and interactions, because it is the launching platform from which everything within the AltanaESP Network and System originates.

Thus, compassion within an AltanaESP context, implies a deeper and an authentic understanding of the following…

  • justice and fairness without personal and egocentric pride (i.e. the toxic and inflated notion that everything revolves around us).
  • the pain that others experience.
  • our personal place in and connection to the whole of creation, the connection that we have with everything on this planet through the unity principle.

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