Cost efficiency - in an AltanaESP Network & System context - implies that clients paying only for individualized and customized services requested, required or needed. Therefore, standardized, template oriented services are not charged a professional fee, in most cases only a meager administration fee. The principle of cost efficiency is to let clients only pay professional fees or individualized, customized and professional services rendered.

The best way to illustrate cost efficiency implications - within a AltanaESP context - is by using Human Beingness guidelines…

  • All people are the same: No service charges, apart from a meager admin fee to cover development and maintaining costs of electronic support systems.
  • Some people are the same: Depending on the circumstances (i.e. level of group individualization & customization done), professional fees charged is shareable between group participants. For example… workshops and group discussions.
  • No two individuals are the same: Professional fees are charged at an hourly rate, because of specific individualization and particular customization which is the specific, unrepeatable and unique brand of the services delivered.

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