Respect natural laws or meet you devastating match!

Natural Laws are laws that direct and regulate life as we know it in the reality of present time and space; natural laws include things such as gravity, magnetism, friction, energy, cycles (e.g. rain, blood, life, digestion), flight & fight reactions, instincts, …etc.

Natural laws are exclusively events driven and highly predictable as to it's outcome.

Natural Laws are fixed, unmovable and it is, what it is, and should be submitted to… trying to challenge or oppose natural laws will - at the very least - end in disaster, but probably in death. Natural laws are time and space bound and are best understood by using our left-brain reasoning capabilities.

Natural Laws are laws that deal in absolutes. Absolutes with little or limited variations and there are NO exceptions to most of these laws. Should variations occur we can be sure – most of the time any how – that we can expect some calamity or unpleasant result.

Natural Laws are to be taken literary and not fiddled around with unnecessary.

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  • Last modified: 11 December, 2018 @ 5:20pm
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