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From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. ~ Dante Alighieri


Number of specialistsrowing-together” to obtain a objective with a skipperto-keep-an-eye-on-the-ball”.

The emphasis of the concept 'multidisciplinary' within a AltanaESP Networking context is to “work together as a diverse team”.

Humans are complex bio-energy system, “made-up” of many facets and dimensions, which functions as a harmonious and synchronized unit (i.e. unity or a whole). Thus, to maintain harmony, equilibrium and balance, a number of disciplines (i.e. various professionals & specialists) should cooperate and integrate services with one another to deliver the best possible guidance and assistance to any individual who's bio-energy system is either under severe stress or in disarray.


…because a dissected frog no longer is a frog.

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