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Dreams are the touchstones of our character. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Reality Check

Reality isn't always what we think it is!

Reality check implies an assessment or evaluation to determine whether an individual's personal views, beliefs, perspectives, circumstances or expectations conform to the reality that exists as determined by the majority of accepted collective truths and facts. Also implied with reality check, is whether something said or done, demonstrate the unrealistic nature of somebody's dreams, ideas or desires.

Normally, reality check, is a word or phrase used to bring a person back into aligning and submitting him-/herself to the reality of those around him/her. Applying reality checks, without considering the context or dynamics of the circumstances only escalates and effectively results in smashing an individual's hopes, expectations and dreams. This mainly happens because it isn't realistic enough or conform to collective acceptable norms. Especially when the individual's reality do not synchronize or conform to “the majority” reality as supported by the prevailing accepted points of view held by the community.

Reality check within an AltanaESP context, also implies to “monitor, evaluate and compare oneself”. However, its…

  • NOT with the external word of what is collectively expected, accepted, prescribed by “specialists” and/or demanded by society,
  • BUT with the internal world of who we really and truly are (i.e. our authentic self).

Thus - in this context - a reality check implies the reliability and validity of the reality that we have created for ourselves. This is a process that most people find immensely difficult to even comprehend - let alone grasp its validity in context - because we are conditioned and brainwashed to belief that reality (the reality check process) ONLY relates to what we can see and touch in the “outside world”, not being aware, nor realizing that what we see out there, actually is the reality that we have created within ourselves.Hence the well know phrase… self for filling prophecy! To shed some light on this, a talk by Isaac Lidsky - delivered at TED - might help somewhat to gain a grasp on what is implied by reality check within an AltanaESP context…

Additional perspectives and views on reality and reality checks are provided by the following compiled play lists on YouTube…

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