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Dreams are the touchstones of our character. ~ Henry David Thoreau


The term stupidity isn't referring to a lack of intelligence!

Stupidity refers to or imply a poor and (…very) weak ability to really understand (i.e. to apply common sense), learn lessons from life and to profit from past experiences. Stupidity tends to result in taking plenty of unwise decision, due to the underlying “mental untidiness” foundation of stupidity, which is frequently enhanced by chronic…

  • fear and
  • ignorance.

It seems that we would be able to quite easily spot stupidity from a mile away. Not true! Stupidity is so well camouflage, infiltrated and deeply entrenched into our present mind-set, that we hardly ever notice it any more, let alone recognizing it. And sometimes, we even regard stupidityTwo things are infinite… the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe! ~ Albert Einstein. as a streak of unprecedented brilliance.

For example… There is a problem that needs to be solved, all the necessary tools ain't presently available or to our disposal and there is “immense” pressure that things should be fixed… NOW! Sounds quite familiar, I presume? This looming “crisis” forces us to act innovative and improvise to replace “missing”, “absent” or “unavailable” tools. Most of the time we outdo ourselves and “brilliantly” deal with the crisis… in the short term. However, our “skillful”, “wise” and “masterful” solution is setting us up for an even bigger failure at a later stage, because what worked once, will work again… and again… and again… till our stupidity eventually catch up with us.

End of explanation, let the following pictures do the rest of the explaining…

Yes… this is what STUPIDITY is all about!
It might not happen now, but God help you when it does!

If you have a different or better long term result in mind, you'll have to do something different! Doing the same things and then to expect a better longer lasting result… that's stupidity! Shortcuts and work workaround's always have the nasty habit of eventually catching up with you and the consequences are usually never very enjoyable.

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