The human race is herd animals and needs the support of others to survive and prosper in life. It, therefore, is vital for each and every one to build support networks from which s/he can draw strength.

There are three important aspects that we should consider when building our support network in modern times…

  1. Personal Network: normally parents, siblings, family and friends.
  2. Professional Network: normally colleagues, experts, managers, businessmen, entrepreneurs.
  3. Troubleshoot & Problem Solving Network: experts and specialist such as psychologists, coaches, teachers.

Both the personal and professional networks are essential to survive and prosper in modern times, the third option - troubleshooting & problem solving network - only is used when needed and to address derailing's and stagnation's.

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  • Last modified: 28 September, 2018 @ 11:20am
  • by Jan Viljoen