Wisdom - often - is a term or concept which many people interpret a special and mysterious “gift”, only “available” to a selected, privileged and special few wiseHaving the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment or discretion, which are characterized by or showing or applying such power. Thus, having knowledge, information, experience and specialist knowledge. individuals. Not true! The truth of the matter is, that all people do have the “gift” or talent of wisdom, but only an exceptional few is actually committed, dedicated and prepared to actually develop, refine and… apply it!

In essence, wisdom is the result of our competency to think critically, utilize our knowledge, experiences, understandings, common sense and insight. As with most things in life, our current level of wisdom (or differently stated… being enlightened) only is the result of how often we actively practice it. Thus, this is a case of 'use-it-or-loose-it', that can be illustrated as follows…

Wisdom - in essence - is to simultaneously grasp the bigger picture and understand the detail in context.

To become old and wise, one must be young and foolish first. Thus… in youth we learn; in age we understand. However, we must always be aware of and take responsibility for the possible consequences of our actions (i.e. choices taken and decisions made).

As a young person, we all make silly mistakes, that at an older age most of us would not repeat. Experience is the best teacher. There comes a time in our life's, when we have to let go of the things we used to do at a younger age, and get “more serious about life”, because we have to face the reality of creating a life for ourselves and avoid some of the foolish things we did in our younger years. We start planning our life's, create goals for achieving the life we dream of. In doing so, we will have to make some hard choices and take some tough decisions. For example a party and social butterfly lifestyle may not suit our new life anymore, and as we meet that special person in our life, new plans have to be made.

During this transition process we will make a lot of mistakes, or take wrong decisions, but that is all part of the “growing up” process, We learn from each mistake, and every wrong decision we take. We become a wiser, and a better person, stronger and more independent. The wisdom gained out of living, cannot be compared to anything else, because this wisdom is gained first hand, and from tough lessons learned. Do not look back and regret the mistakes made, take them as lessons. Do not look at it as wasted time. Thus, facing problems and learning from our experiences (both, the productive and the unproductive) allows us to steadily grow towards mature self-determination.

We are sure to fail and/or stumble a number of times, but do not lose heart and continue to move ahead with great zeal and determination. We can laugh at ourselves for making foolish mistakes, but take care not to repeat them for a second time.

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