The Book Creator allows users to select any number of different glossary pages for a specific purpose, which can either be exported and downloaded as a .pdf file or converted into a plain text document.

Adding & Removing pages

  1. When you are displaying a page that you would like to add to your book, click on the 'Add this page to your book'-option located in the Book Creator tool bar. When the page is added you will notice that the 'Manage book'-option increments with one page and the 'Add this page to your book'-option change to 'Remove this page from your book'.
  2. Simply click on the 'Remove this page from your book'-option when you want to remove the displayed glossary page from your book.
  3. While searching, browsing and displaying glossary pages, you can systematically add to and/or remove pages from your book.
  4. When your are finished adding glossary pages to your book, click on the 'Manage book' tool bar option, which will direct you to page where you can manage your pages and either export (pdf) or convert you book to a simple text document (txt).

Manage & Export the Book

The 'wiki » ebook'-page allows users to manage their selected e-books. Users can…

  • re-arranged selected pages by dragging & dropping pages into a new position.
  • remove pages from the selection by deleting or dropping it into the 'Pages Removed from Selection'-section.
  • clear the page(s) selection list by clicking on the 'Clear Selection'-button.

When the page(s) selection list is finalized, users can export and/or convert their e-book. In the 'Export Selection'-section…

  1. enter a title (i.e. file name) for your e-book.
  2. select an export type…
    • Printable version - display a printable html file on screen that users could print out, using the print function of their browser.
    • Text only - display a text file on screen which users can either printUsing their browser's print option. or copy and paste into another application.
    • Export selection to PDF - compile, convert and download selected pages in a PDF-format.
  3. export and automatically download or convert your e-book by clicking the 'Export'-button.

Saving your Book

Users can save e-book selection lists that can be re-loading to either tweak, export or convert in future. This can be done by making use of the 'Save Selection'-section.

Provide a descriptive nameThe list name should not exceed 225 characters. Enter a name that briefly describe the meaning and/or purpose of the e-book. For example: Orientation materials for students. for the selection list and click the 'Save'-button. The selection list is saved - and on page re-load - appears in the 'Saved Page(s) Selection Lists'-section.

Using Saved e-Book Lists

When loading a saved e-Book list, the current list - if not empty - will be replaced by the re-loaded list. Users can then customize the list for a specific purpose or use by…

  • searching for and adding pages to the list,
  • removing pages from the list and
  • re-arrange the selected page list.

When finished, users can either export or save the adapted list.

  • Last modified: 01 January, 2018 @ 9:04am
  • by Jan Viljoen