Is the World getting Better or Worse?
One of the key aspects of a reliable SWOT-analysis is to explore and understand current and future habitats (i.e. to determine possible opportunities and threats). Apart from serving a self-actualization purpose, it is also strongly recommended that one obtain a "bigger-picture-view" of habitat changes and developments. To be honest a "bigger picture" is merely a matter of perspective, opinion and what one chooses to focus on. The main question - in this case - is... who's responsible for your view? You yourself? ...or Others? This may seem like an unimportant question to answer... but it is vital to clarify this, because it will determine how successful you will be able to address future career path preparations, excelling professionally, dealing with future shock and life in general. In essence... do you feel secure & safe OR insecure & unsafe about what is happening in the world today?

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