Telegram is an open source cloud based chat application similar in function and features than WhatsApp. Although not as well known, popular and widely used as WhatsApp, Telegram has some additional functions and features which makes the chat application well suitable for AltanaESP Network purposes. The reason why AltanaESP decided to deploy Telegram as chat application of choice, can briefly be indicated as follows...

  • Private: Messages are heavily encrypted, can self-destruct and trackers cannot track user chats.
  • Cloud-Based: Access from and synchronize chat messages, as well as attachments, on multiple devices, which can be used simultaneously.
  • Open: Has an open API and protocol free for everyone to use and inspect.
  • Powerful: A 1.5 GB limit on the size for each media and chats.
  • Versatile: Available for and usable on a variety of devices, ranging from desktops to smart phones.
  • Flexible: new functions and features are continuously develop by the Telegram-community. When not sufficient, AltanaESP can always develop its own as needed.

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